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As soon as I began to listen to Sue, I began to see hope. She is a woman of talent, education and experience who shows not only wit but wisdom.

Sue saved my life by giving me back the life I had begun to only dream of having.

Sue is an amazing coach! She has helped me to be more productive and focused and less stressed!

There were areas in my life where I wasn't seeing where I was getting in my own way.

Through Sue's kind and gentle nudges, I awakened to these places and committed to taking steps to get out of my own way.

The improvement in my life has been astounding. I have more energy now and working with Sue has truly transformed my life!

Sue shows you how small, specific action can transform your life to more success and a joy-filled tomorrow.

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the #1 Best-selling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul®, Author of the The Success Principles, star of the hit movie The Secret

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, Sue motivates you moving toward a life of more success.

Brian Tracy, Personal Development Living Legend, top selling author of 70 book, spoken to over 5 million people in 71 countries

Sue Crum helps people focus on what's important and inspires them to take action so they can lead more focused and productive lives.

Patty Aubery, President, The Canfield Traning Group

Sue's strategies have the power to change lives.

James Malichak, featured on ABC's hit TV series, Secret Millionaire, the world's #1 Big Money Speaker, Trainer and Coach